How To Choose The Best UV Sterilization Wand

For many of us, the concept of the "UV wand" is quite new. Perhaps you only recently heard of these sterilization devices, or, maybe you have been hearing about this technology sometime and are finally intrigued enough to take the plunge and purchase one. With a large variety of UV wands on the market (many claiming to do the same exact thing) you may find yourself wondering, “How do I choose the best one?” This article is designed to be a concise guide to answering this question so that you can be on your way to quickly making a smart and exciting new purchase.


The first element to consider while choosing the best UV wand is the most important: effectiveness. The OoVee Wand has a disinfection rate of up to 99.98%. Using ultraviolet LED sterilization light, it destroys the molecular structure of DNA and/or RNA in bacterial viruses. It does this by using ultraviolet rays with a wavelength ranging from 240nm-280nm. While these stats sound great, a majority of sterilization wands on the market also boast a 99.9% rate of killing germs. So, let’s dig deeper into the various other factors that constitute effectiveness.

In order to correctly use a UV wand to disinfect, it is recommended that you hold it (approximately 5-10 inches away) over the area you are cleaning for 10 seconds. Many of us clean surfaces or items absentmindedly while we are on the phone, listening to music, or multi tasking in some other way. The OoVee Wand offers a timer feature that helps you to ensure your items have been properly sanitized. As a result, you can allow your mind to wander without compromising the performance of your UV wand, therefore, increasing effectiveness. Other wands of similar size and disinfection rate such do not offer this handy feature.

In order for a wand to be effective, it has to be turned on! This is why battery life and charging method are other aspects to consider within the realm of a wand’s disinfecting capability. The OoVee Wand can be fully charged in just 40 minutes and will last for 6-8 hours of usage.  This translates into one full charge lasting as long as a full month if used for 10 minutes a day.  Furthermore, while many wands on the market require purchasing (and ultimately replacing) AAA or AA batteries, the OoVee Wand has a convenient and easy to use USB-charge with a high performance lithium polymer battery.


Another factor you may want to consider is size.  A good UV wand’s usefulness is versatile and seemingly endless. You can use it in the home to clean countertops, door handles, laptops, children’s toys, light switches, etc. Many prefer to take it outside of the home to clean surfaces on the go such as a face mask, car keys, steering wheels, public bathroom surfaces, and more.   Because of the wand’s adaptable and resourceful nature, it is recommended that a portable wand would be the most useful and offer the most convenient and frequent use. Therefore, giving you the most for your money. The OoVee Wand is compact and lightweight, measuring in at a petite 1.0 by 1.0 by 4.0 inches. It is sleek and easily transportable. This is one of the smallest wands on the market! Look below for comparison. Many wands look like the photo on the left (over 10 inches long) while the OoVee Wand (pictured on the right) is handheld, polished, and convenient for travel.

this UV wand is too large this UV wand is the perfect, portable size


Lastly, most of us want to consider price when choosing the best UV wand. A quick search on Google or can provide a glimpse into the average selling price for this type of product. The price range seems to start at around $48 and go up to $100 or higher. The OoVee Wand is priced right in the middle at a fair price of $69.  With its appealing aesthetics, intuitive timer feature, high disinfecting rate, and convenient charging method, this product clearly offers the best overall quality and is worth every penny.